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Buckles and Fasteners

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RAMP Globaltec
Your contact for buckles made of plastic or metal

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We are international No.1 for fasteners and buckles

Whether classic side release buckles or high-quality safety fasteners from Holmbergs: You can get many different buckle types in small and large quantities from us!

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High quality buckles and fasteners

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Fasteners for every application

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Many years of experience in development and sales of buckles

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You want to buy a buckle? With us you are right!

Whether you know the buckles as Fastex buckles or side release buckles:

RAMP Globaltec is the right contact and has a wide range to choose from.

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Buckles (Fastex Side release buckles)

Classic buckles are also known under the term "Fastex Buckles" or under the English name "Side Release Buckles". Since they allow easy and quick opening and closing, they are the most widely used type of buckles. We offer such buckles in various designs: For example, with single or double-sided adjustment or with a slot as a "field repair" version.

Buckles and Fasteners, classic buckles
Buckles and Fasteners, metal buckles

Metal buckles (aluminum)

Whether for clothing, safety equipment or child seats: metal buckles made of aluminum are lightweight and user-friendly. That's exactly why these types of Fast Release Buckles are so popular. Our metal buckle has a tensile strength of at least 250kg - more than enough for most civilian and tactical applications. Your personal logo can be engraved upon request. 

CAM buckles

With flap buckles, a special type of buckle, it is possible to close and regulate at the same time. We also offer these buckles in different sizes as well as different types of plastic - PA and POM.  Such a flat folding buckle enables simple and quick, but still stable belt regulation and fixation. Our folding buckles are thus versatile in use.

Buckles and Fasteners, special type of buckle
Buckles and Fasteners, a safety buckle

Safety buckles

Unlike other buckles, safety buckles can only be opened with two hands, which reduces the risk of accidental opening or opening by an unauthorized person. For this reason, some safety buckles are equipped with an additional hinged cover. Safety buckles are used, for example, in the toddler sector, but also by the military and police.

Belt buckles

Belt buckles have been specially developed for use on belts, which close securely and at the same time allow freedom of movement. Some of these are also designed as safety buckles with additional buttons so that opening is only possible with two hands. Other belt buckles can be used not only on belts, but also on life jackets or backpacks. 

Buckles and Fasteners, belt buckles

You want to buy another kind of buckle? Contact us! 

Buy professional fasteners and buckles in large quantities

You want to order high quality fasteners and buckles in larger quantities? No problem! At RAMP Globaltec you can get different types of buckles and clousers, whether plug-in buckles, safety buckles or cam buckles in large quantities for operational purposes. If you have any questions or special inquiries about buckles and clasps, we will be happy to assist you!

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Mainly used materials for Side Release Buckles

All branded manufacturers of buckles, so as Due Emme, Duraflex (D-Flex), Unitex, National Moulding, ITW Nexus, YKK, Nifco, Tifco or Kifco or Woojin, mostly use NYLON or ACETAL to produce their side release buckles.The material selection is made according to the requirements of the finished product. Most requirements can be met with a few standard materials, described further below.
For special applications, these materials can be adapted accordingly by adding different additives for use under the influence of fire (V0) or in tactical applications (infrared reflection IRR) in order to produce high quality and durable side release buckles.

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ACETAL / Polyoxymethylenes 

Abbreviation POM, also called polyacetals

General Information

These are high molecular weight thermoplastics. The colorless, semi-crystalline polymers are mainly used for the production of molded parts by injection molding. Due to their high stiffness, low friction coefficients and good dimensional stability, polyoxymethylenes are used for the production of precision parts and, of course, specific side release buckles. 
Acetal offers a very low water absorption and a high chemical resistance, which makes this material
the first choice for special applications as marine products and tactical applications.
Characteristic structural element is an unbranched acetal group (~C–O–CH2–O–C~).

Material Properties of Acetal

  • Good flexural memory

  • A working temperature range from -40°C to +60°C

  • Physical properties stay very stable in this temperature range

  • High mechanical resistance

  • Great rigidity

  • Good elastic properties

  • Excellent impact resistance

  • Good resistance to oils, greases and solvents

  • Low water absorption

  • IRR Modified Colours Available

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NYLON / Polyamide 

Abbreviation PA

General Information

In the production of Due Emme, PA 6 and PA 6.6 are used for the production of side release buckles. These are linear polymers with regularly repeating amide bonds along the main chain. Polyamides are used as a material for the production of injection moulded articles because of their excellent strength and toughness. Good chemical resistance exists to organic solvents. Nylon is a hygroscopic resin, so the physical properties vary as the relative humidity changes. Nylon is ideal for applications in the high temperature range. In wet conditions, the tensile strength is lower and the elasticity (impact strength) higher. In contrast, in the dry state, the tensile strength is higher, and the elasticity is lower.

Material properties of NYLON:

  • A working temperature range from -40°C – 195°C

  • Good fire resistance

  • Flame retardancy V0 (with special additives)

  • High mechanical resistance

  • Great rigidity

  • Excellent sub-zero tenacity

  • Good resistance to oils, greases and solvents

  • Good capability to be dyed

  • Recycled items available in black

  • IRR Modified Colours Available

Special version V0 Nylon

The flame retardant Nylon Category V0 guarantees a high resistance to high temperatures and a flammability index in compliance with UL94 norm which. These characteristics transfer onto the finished side release buckles. In fact, when the sample is removed from the flame, it should not burn and drop anymore.


The sustainable recycled NYLON is made from production residues of high quality raw materials (yarn fibres). The material properties of the recycled nylon used in Due Emme production are comparable to those of new raw materials. This material used is much more ecological than raw materials of choice in all aspects, from CO2 emissions to water consumption and renewable energy sources which makes these side release buckles more sustainable and better for the planet.

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About RAMP Globaltec

We offer plastic and metal fastening solutions for various applications

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In 2014, RAMP Globaltec was founded by Mike Ridler, a technical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the fastening industry, and Andreas Pless, who serves as Sales Manager and has numerous contacts in the European defense sector. The company already has successful locations in the UK, Germany and China and acts as a manufacturer's representative from there. RAMP specializes in plastic and metal fastening solutions for various international industrial market segments. RAMP also has good contacts in the defense industry throughout Europe. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a fastener, RAMP is your ideal contact - whether it is for standard or special requirements. 

You want to buy a buckle? Browse our assortment now! 

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