RAMP Global Technology Ltd. was founded in the UK by Mike Ridler and Andreas Pless in 2014.  Our Limited company with the Head Office in Cobham, Surrey (UK) act as Manufacturers Agents for a number of companies who specialize in Design, Production, Distribution and Supply of Plastic & Metal Fastener Solutions to various International Industrial Market Segments.

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Trained as a Technical Engineer,  Mike has 28 years in the fastener industry,  with more than 14 years at Managing Director level.

His capabilities include:

Technical Sales and Marketing (in Europe and China), Project Management, Short Term and Long Term Corporate Planning, Budget Planning and Monitoring, Brand Management, Product Management and Production Planning. 

Mob : + 44 (0) 7831 259501

Email : Mike@ramp-globaltec.co.uk

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Andreas Pless has 27 years experience in Distribution and Field Sales,  recently as Sales Manager for Europe and Asia.

His capabilities include:

Technical Sales and Marketing in Europe, China , Vietnam and Korea, Project Management in multinational development teams, Short Term and Long Term Corporate Planning at the Global Level, International Brand Management (Europe and Asia), Product Lines Management and Financial Planning.

Management Team

Our Services

Our main service is to support you on your special and standard requests.

From the idea to planning, developing, sourcing and production, we support you with our experience and international sourcing.

We offer a wide range of products from different product groups.

  • Engineered Plastic Buckles

  • Metal Buckles made from Steel and Aluminum for various applications

  • Specialty Safety Buckles

  • Easy and Complex Assemblies. (Medical, Pets, Load Carrying and many more)

  • Heavy Duty Assemblies used in Rescue and APC Vehicle Equipment

  • Luggage Components, Wheels, Handles and much more.

  • Exclusive OEM Product Developments in above product categories.

We understand ourselves as specialists for individual solutions and implementations into running production chains.
This is based on our long experience in product distribution and development for customizable solutions.

Based on customer specifications, we produce wide range of individual assemblies.

Here we combine the strengths of our product ranges together with technical engineered webbing and specialized sewing operations. 

Tel : +49 (0) 6183 807594

Mob : +49 (0) 172 9671647

Email : Andreas@ramp-globaltec.de



Mike Ridler

Andreas Pless