Product Features 

  • One size for adults

  • Comfortable to wear thanks to ergonomic design

  • Extremely breathable thanks to the functional outer
    fabric used for the outer layer.

  • Skin-friendly woven tapes

  • Reusable

  • Washable at 60°C

  • OEKO-TEX® 100 certified

Product Designs

  • With sewn-in nose piece, surcharge 0.40 € / pc

  • With cord stoppers for easy strap adjustment, surcharge € 0.30 / pc.

  • Colour of the outer fabric, price on request

  • Customer logo imprint, price on request


We can print all masks with your design and logo from an order quantity of only 100 pieces.

And this, in just 2 weeks

Product Description

The mask consists of 2 layers. A functional material made of polyester is used for the outer layer.

  • This is extremely breathable and dries very quickly.

  • The inner layer (which touches the face) is made of 100% cotton,
    certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100.

  • The material structure used has particularly good air permeability to effect breathing as little as possible.

  • This mask has an ergonomically adapted shape.

  • Attached by textile straps which the carrier can be knotted to the desired size.

  • Optional, the straps behind the head can also be connected with
    2 cord stoppers.

The mask should be washed at 60°C before first use and then ironed at the highest level.

Material composition (complete product): 65% cotton/35% polyester

Important information:


  • The face masks offered here are not medical respiratory masks and are not personal safety equipment either.

  • The mask is neither checked nor certified.

  • Wearing these fabric masks does not protect the wearer from respiratory infections.

  • At most, it can reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to others.

  • No guarantee is given for this.

  • It is recommended to wear it tightly and replace it regularly if it is wet, as well as regular washing at 60 ° C and then ironing the fabric at the highest level.